And the winner is …

colourful prize ribbonIt’s October 28, the day we announce the winner in our MillarLITE limerick contest. This was not an easy decision! Entries came in from across town – and across the world! That’s what happens with blogs; the internet is a global community, so readers (and limerick writers) can be anywhere.

Since I knew some of the entrants – and I loved all of the entries – I called in backup judges to help me choose among my favourites. Using blind judging (not blind judges! – they could all see, they just weren’t shown entrants’ names) along with a complex rating system (which I would explain, if I were not mathematically challenged), our judges definitively decided we had a tie. Yikes. Additional judges were enlisted, their votes were tallied, and we STILL had a tie. Doug Smiling winnerThen I thought to check names, and realized that Doug Harris had tied with himself! So Doug Harris of Stockton-on-Tees, England, UK  is indisputably the winner of our MillarLITE Limerick Contest. Congratulations, Doug!

Because Doug graciously agreed that any of his limericks that made the finalist shortlist could be posted here, readers get to enjoy both limericks. You can decide for yourself which one is your first choice!  Here’s one:

Tombstone_textThe limerick’s known for its wit
And being straightforward – that’s it!
It cuts to the chase
(Well, there isn’t much space)
One might, on my headstone, just fit.
             – Doug Harris

Well said, Doug! … Now you’ve got me thinking about my own epitaph … “A writer who hailed from Nanaimo,  Spent all of her time trying to rhyme-o … Nah … I hope I’ve got a few years left to figure that one out).

Here’s another one by Doug:

IrelandA fellow who hailed from Dún Laoghaire
Put forward a wonderful thaoghaire:
Towing Ireland by boat
To the Azure de Côte
Might make weather in summer less draoghaire.
             – Doug Harris

Some of our judges weren’t sure how to pronounce the Anglicized name of this Irish town on Dublin’s “Riviera,” but if you think  “theory” and “dreary” for lines two and five, you’ll get it right.  Very clever, Doug! 

And lucky us!  Our other two finalists also agreed to have their entries posted:

tree“Now Paddy,” said Seamus McGrew
“Just look at this advert, would you?”
dese blokes in ‘ere tell us
dey’re wantin’ tree fellers –
The pity is, we’re only two.”
       Charles (Chompy) Brody

Great fun!   Chompy says he’s “somewhere in the Middle East” right now, although he hails from the UK. He’s clearly got the limerick-writing knack, wherever on earth he is. 🙂

Another finalist from right here in Nanaimo also had fun playing with spellings in our English language:

SpellingThe foreigner shouted, “Enough!
I’m finding the going too rough
When it comes to spelling
I find it quite quelling
I can’t understand half this stough.”
       – Deirdre Godwin

Well done, Doug, Chompy and Deirdre! … and thanks to everyone who had fun writing and sharing their witty entries. Doug’s prize – a copy of One Sweet Ride – will soon be winging its way across the Atlantic, and our other finalists will receive an electronic copy of one of my short stories, as thanks for allowing their limericks to be posted. (If you didn’t win, but you’d like to purchase a copy of One Sweet Ride online or via e-mail, just visit the One Sweet Ride website. Shipping starts next week.)

 I can’t help it, I just love limericks. Thanks again to all who entered – and a special thanks to Doug, Chompy and Deirdre for making ME smile!

© Judith Millar 2009. All rights reserved.
Limericks are the property of their writers.


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