It’s raining cats and buttons

I am a dog person. Before all you cat lovers write in on behalf of your furry felines, let me say clearly: I am not anti-cat – I am only anti-itchy eyes, which I get whenever I pet a cat. Hence I am definitely a dog person. Plus – as someone once noted – DOG is GOD spelled backwards, whereas CAT is TAC, which means nothing, so I think dog lovers may be on the winning side of this particular argument. I’m just saying.

Biker in his leather jacket

Unlike me, my dog Biker does hate cats. It goes way beyond the itchy eye thing with him. However Biker is not a targeted racist – he takes equal offence at rabbits, quail, squirrels – pretty much any kind of critter that happens to cross his path while we are out for our walks. Me? There is only one kind of critter that gets my dander up – it walks on two legs, and has its own pooch on a leash. It is the “Non-Pooper-Picker-Upper.”

I am an upstanding dog owner – meaning I stand upright until I need to stoop and scoop. Then I faithfully stoop, scoop, and carry my Biker’s baggie back home for disposal. Responsible dog owners do. But there is always an NPPU to give the rest of us a bad name.

In my neighbourhood, one “Mr. X” (so-called because X marks the spot you do not want to step in) has taken to walking his little dog, Buttons (an alias, for purposes of this blog) along my daily route. Buttons is darling, as cute as a – well, you know. But Mr. X is not into picking up little Buttons’s “buttons.” Which are not that little, I might add. I have been “buttoned” on more than one occasion.

What’s more, neighbours have begun to notice the “button” accumulation, and are giving me and Biker the evil eye. Which is just wrong. There is no confusing Buttons’s buttons with Biker’s – Biker’s are more … well, let’s not go there. I suppose neighbours can’t be expected to know that. Still, in order to safeguard my dog’s honour, lately I’ve been forced to do double duty. Many’s the day I arrive home with one relieved dog and two smelly baggies.

It’s a small price to pay for being a dog owner and a good neighbour. Oh, I love both dogs and cats. It’s the NPPU’s I’d like to teach a few tricks. Or just sink my teeth into.

Where do you stand in the “dog” vs. “cat” debate?  (hopefully not on a button!)

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7 Responses to “It’s raining cats and buttons”

  1. David Fraser Says:

    Dawgs all the way. I grew up with my grandmother’s cat, Cinders barfing up mice on the back stoop every morning. I thought that’s what cats do, so never warmed up to cats until I met my wife who taught me a lot about cats. New border puppy on the way. She is now 8 weeks old. Google Pawcific and go to the puppy page.

  2. Barbara Walters Says:

    Hi Judith, heh! heh! I was just looking you up to learn about what a blog is. Blog being a new word in my vocabulary. I enjoyed reading your coments about dogs and cats and of course an update about biker. Titan says hello, I think!

  3. Gayle Says:

    Well, I have to weigh in on this one…Having been both a dog lover and a cat unlover, I have changed my mind…I am now a cat lover and a dog lover in that order…
    Having had a dog pass in your arms is the hardest thing that ever happened to us… Vowing never to have a pet again, so we could avoid that hurt..
    After 7 years of some kinda VOID in our life, a beautiful brown tabby cat jumped on hubbys lap while sitting around a peaceful campfire one night and stayed with him for 3 hours..never saw this cat before,but, some one must have dropped her there knowing we needed her for our well being.
    Little did we know she was preggers and 3 days later had 3 of the cutest kittens..none looking like her of course.
    Well, with summer ending and cold on its way, having fallen in love with antics of this little cat family, we decided we could not leave them to freeze or starve in the cold as this was all unfolding in a seasonal camp ground. A few people were interested in the pure black one we called JOLSON and another was kind enough to take the only male BOB..So here we are with who we called the Mother MAUDE and the tuxedo cat we called BANDIT…
    Forward 10 years..Maude and Bandit are the most comical , loving pets we have ever owned. Besides changing our lives by making us laugh every day they also sleep together and hug each as well showing us that all kinds of species have a kind of loving family relationship ..

    As we have moved on in our age by 10 years also, we realize that walking and scooping on a daily basis is not our thing anymore.

    The author of this blog and her kayak guy did not even know we had 2 cats for about 4 years before we told them one day “over the fence”…
    We love our “GIRLIES” and would not let them roam…
    We hope to be scooping litter for alot of years too come…

    Thinking about and remembering loving dogs from days gone by: Pokey & Mandy (Mike & Gayles)——Floyd & Frannie, (Judy & Randys)

    Biker–Maudie & Bandit say HI!!!

  4. Judy from Qualicum Says:

    Where I live, there are more than buttons to look out for. I’m rural – I have to detour around droppings of deer, bears, cougars and 80-lb.+ dogs. We have an industrial-sized boot-scraping mat.

  5. sandysays1 Says:

    Any human who can appreciate the subtle nuiances between we canines and the competion, those furry mouse traps, is a step up the evolutionary chain. It’s good to see there is hope for your species.

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