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2009 Report Card – and Hiatus

December 23, 2009

‘Tis the season to make New Year’s Resolutions. Hmm. I recently found my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions list stashed in my Christmas decorations box. It gave me a case of the guilts. My report card?  Well, it’s a mixed bag.

 Judith’s 2009 Resolution List

#1. Work out every other day. So, you ask, did you work out regularly? I am now giving you the same look I give my dental hygienist when she asks if I am flossing regularly. That is a very personal question, I say by way of a raised eyebrow (since my mouth is full of her gloved hands which I am tempted to bite). After all, she has the plaque-covered proof right in front of her – she’s just trying to catch me in a fib, and lucky for her, I’m not biting.  (Report Card Score: C)

#2. Start the diet. Uhh … what diet was that? Thankfully I kept that one vague, and didn’t tack on any start dates. The year 2009 isn’t quite over, so if I eat just 12 calories a day for the next week, I may yet get #2 back on track. Ha ha. (Score: D)

# 3. Try something new. Yes! I absolutely did try kayaking. Once. And I only hurt myself (and the instructor’s kayak) a little bit. See Kayaking for Klutzes for details on my #3.  Tip: When drafting resolutions, never write “LEARN” something new – which would require actually getting good at it. Write “TRY” to leave yourself wiggle room. (Score: B)

#4. Start a novel. Yes!! I get double points on this one – because, to my delight, I actually started writing TWO novels in 2009!  (Score: A and A, which must equal A+. ) That helps cancel out my C and D!

#5. Start a blog. Another yes! I’ve managed to post here every Wednesday since I launched MillarLITE in July 2009 – and I’ve had so much fun with that one. Your comments and e-mails tell me you’ve had fun too. I’m so glad! (Score: A)

Overall, I’m scoring myself a B for 2009 – and calling it a very good year!  Now I’m staring down 2010, and I know for sure what comes first on my list:

 Judith’s 2010 Resolution List

#1. Finish writing
the novel.

That’s a biggie – and it really matters to me to pull off an A on that one next year. I’m starting to realize that means some things will have to go. The kayaking and exercising I can easily set aside – but, since I already have, I know I won’t save much time there! Sadly, I’ve decided my weekly MillarLITE blog must be “backburnered” so I can immerse myself in my novel and short stories, and ready them for publication.

Announcing a hiatus always hurts (I’ve had surgery for a hiatus hernia, and the word “hiatus” is synonymous with OUCH in my dictionary!). I have loved making myself – and my readers – laugh via MillarLITE.  My serious writing projects matter to me too (and they’re often humorous as well), so my 2010 focus will be on finishing them for you and others. Thank you for letting me brighten your Wednesdays here! … and may you score A+ on all your 2010 Resolutions!
Wishing you and yours …

P.S. I treasure my readers. If you want to be notified when I’m back at blogging – or when my novel and short story collections will be available – drop me a quick e-mail and I’ll add your name to my “never-to-be-shared-with-spammers-or-anybody-else”  notification list.
P.P.S. If you’d be interested in purchasing “MillarLITE” blog posts in book form, please let me know. If there’s sufficient demand, I’ll scout out a publisher.